Our Success Stories

Shehzad Abdul Karim Shaikh was a watchman working day and night shifts and making just enough to feed his family of …… In …… he suffered a terrible train accident in which he lost both his legs, rendering him unable to continue in his job or do anything that required mobility. Undeterred, he approached Helping Hearts with a proposal to start a small business selling household things such as foodstuff, soap, plastic bags, etc. near his house. Finding his circumstances and his proposal worthy of support, Helping Hearts helped him with the initial capital to launch his business. Today, Shehzad is doing very well, having added to his stock and his capital, and taking care of his family himself.

Puppy rescue.

This pup was reported by Krrish to Roshan.

It had a bad wounded leg and crushed bone, and it was hiding under a car in Salisbury park.

The two boys rushed him to Dr Tulpule in Salunkhe Vihar who administered first aid and bandaged his leg.

Pup was kept under observation but at the same location with his mom and other siblings.

Ishika and Rishi our volunteers helped in daily visits to the vet for bandaging and administering medicines to him for about a week.

Unfortunately the wound did not heal and started to rot instead.

The vet then suggested amputation of the leg.

After amputation it was with a foster for about 20 days till recovery.

During the fostering period by Anshu, Yash, Akshat, and Riya from the Pooch Project helped in following up and daily dressing of Crazy Coffee.

The pup is completely alright now.

It got adopted but is back as the adopters cannot manage it.

It has adapted to his physical disability and is like any other puppy, but requires a little extra love!

We are looking for a nice loving family who will give their love and time to Coffee Crazy .

Cat Rescue

Helping Hearts does not restrict its activities to human beings; we try to do our best for our animal friends too. Some time in ...October 2020 , we were informed about a severely injured cat by a kind man, Mr. Sadiq Dastagir, in Camp, Pune. .....We sent our volunteers, Retam and Rishi, to find the cat, which had disappeared. About 10 days later it resurfaced and was caught after nearly an hour’s struggle around midnight. The cat had a horrible wound in its foreleg which was festering with maggots and gangrene. Dr. Tulpule, a well-known vet decided immediately that amputation was the only solution and proceeded with it without wasting any time. The cat is now hale and hearty, albeit one leg less, and is back in it’s original location where his other siblings live.

Helping Hearts funded the entire surgery as well as provided the cat rescue equipment.

Child with Hirschsprung Disease

Mustufa was afflicted with this rare disease in which missing nerve cells in the large intestine (colon) cause a large swelling and makes it difficult and painful to pass stool. This happens at birth and surgery is needed to bypass the affected part or remove it entirely.

The cost of the surgery was estimated at Rs. 1,80,000/- which rose to Rs. 2,20,000/- Helping Hearts managed to collect this sum in about a week. Mustufa was operated upon successfully and is now recovering at home.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Shoeb , a physiotherapist by profession, and his wife Shabana are both blind. Despite his impairment, Shoeb wanted to set up his own clinic in Surat, and got in touch with Helping Hearts. We donated Rs. 2,17,000/- and helped him set up his clinic in 2018. He is doing very well now and has even supported his wife who has completed her B.Ed. They have a son now.

Corona Virus Patient

Waseem Memon used to sell jackets and tracks in Camp, Pune. However during lockdown he took to selling vegetables in Camp and soon got ill and was diagnosed with Covid-19. He was admitted to Critical Care Hospital. Having recovered, he needed Rs. 63,000/- for his release, but could arrange only Rs. 33,000/- Helping Hearts came to the rescue and arranged the remaining 30,000/- in a short time. Waseem was discharged and is now back selling vegetables.

Tempo Donation

In 2017, Sameer wanted to buy a tempo and start his own goods transport business. Helping Hearts donated the first tempo, and today Sameer has done so well, he has even managed to buy his own house.

Hit and Run Accident

7-year-old Umair was walking to school one day when a rash car driver ran over his foot injuring him badly. The car driver having driven away, Umair was rushed to hospital by his father, Abdul Jaleel, a helper cum watchman in a housing society. The young boy had to undergo multiple surgeries to replace the tissue in his foot from other parts of his body. Unable to bear the expenses of his son’s treatment, Abdul Jaleel approached Helping Hearts and we were glad to help him with Rs. 35,000/- After the operations, Umair is now recuperating at home but undergoes painful and sedation-requiring dressing for his wounds. Fortunately, his leg will be healed completely and Umair will be able to walk normally again soon.


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