What We Love To Do

Our aim is to spread peace and smiles to every burdened soul. It is to help EVERYONE and ANYONE with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

Education for Children

Educate needy children by paying their fees.

Livelihood for widows

Settle widows by setting up a livelihood for them.

Rations Distribution

Give rations to those who have nobody to earn for them.

Medical Help

Provide all kinds of medical help to needy patients.

Financial Support

Finance small businesses by giving loans without interest.

Business Development

Promote ladies who are already into small businesses by buying their products.

Animal Rescue

We also try to help the voiceless by rescuing, fostering and getting them adopted.

Community Service

We finance the digging of borewells in areas where there is a shortage of water.
We are also funding a Roti bank where about 200 people have their meals two times a day totally free of any charge.


Through the services provided by the NGO we will reach out to as many needy ones as we can. For this we need your help and support.

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